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Welcome to dave sanger Limited

Welcome to “dave sanger Ltd” established as a separate company in 2005, but with a 30 year background in the Printing Industry.

Ever since the first wooden blocks were used for mass printing, mankind has strived to improve, produce & distribute faster and in a more cost effective way than was used before.

It was found in the early 60’s that no one manufacturer could be all things to all buyers and therefore we were born out of a need, a need for you to get the correct product at the right price and delivered to your own requirements.

Evolution has moved on from those early days of the Continuous Forms to the more demanding Direct Thermal labels, rolls & ticketing that require a high degree of background knowledge, a knowledge that we possess and are able to put at your disposal. Since all end users are not expert or aware of all the possible manufacturers within the printing industry our company was formed to fulfil that requirement.

Your job is to get the right product at the right time and at the right price! Our sole role is to make that happen

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